[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Jungshin’s new baby ‘Simba’

우리집 셋째 막내 심바~^^ 6월15일생 남자아이예요 아빠된기분 허허허 사랑으로 이쁘게 잘 키울게요 건강하게만 자라다오~ Our home’s 3rd youngest, Simba~^^ He’s a boy born June 15.. The feeling of a father hohoho! I will raise you with love for you to grow up healthy~   source: @MentalShin trans/posted by: celine@CNBShin

[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Jungshin shares HongKyu’s coffee

  여러분 감사합니다~ 유혹아닌 홍규커피~이제 유혹도 얼마안남았네요 유종의미를 거둘수있었으면 좋겠어요 마지막까지 많이 사랑해주세요! Thank you everyone~ This is not Temptation coffee, this is HongKyu coffee~ Tempation will end soon. I wish it will end well. Please give it lots of love until the end!   source: @MentalShin Trans/posted by: celine@CNBShin  

[Twitter|Trans|Photo] Neckless JungShin starts his personal tweeting journey

정신입니다~~ 여러분들과 더 가깝게 소통하기 위해서 개인 트윗을 하기로 했어요!! 목없는정신으로 시작!! pic.twitter.com/UVF7e9rquA This is JungShin~~ I started my personal tweets in order to communicate more closely with everyone!! Starting with neckless JungShin!! Individual accounts?! Possibly the best news for the past few months! 😀 source: MentalShin@twitter translated and posted by: Gera@CNBShin

[Twitter|Trans|Photo] JungShin teases to reveal pictures he took

핸드폰사진부터 월드투어때 찍은 사진들까지 봉인해제. 원해요? pic.twitter.com/YVTZAeSqdI Removing the seal on the pictures – from handphone (mobile/cell phone) pictures to pictures taken during world tour. Want it? Gosh, his second tweet on his personal Twitter account and he is teasing us already! Help!  source: MentalShin@twitter translated and posted by: Gera@CNBShin