If you are making a contribution or a payment to us via Paypal, always select Personal Payment to ensure that we receive the full funds, and to avoid delay of processing.

Some accounts (eg. India, Singapore) are not entitled to this option. In that instance, please do factor in a buffer for the PayPal fee.

If you are unable to select Personal Payment for some reason, please do try to select that you pay the fee.

Below is a quick step-by-step guide on choosing the right method:

  1. Payment type: select personal payment
  2. Then select Payment Owed: to pay your friend back for your share of a dinner bill, or other item that your friend paid for you.
  3. Check/uncheck the box to ensure that you will pay the PayPal fee

For more information please read PayPal’s FAQ.

Want to contribute to our projects or show us some form of support?
Please send in your contributions via Paypal to cnbshin[at]
No amount of contribution is too little! Every bit goes a long way 🙂
Thank you in advance!

New to PayPal? This tutorial may help.


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