[Tweet|Weibo|Photo|Trans]Jungshin shares pictures taken by his real older brother

[Twitter] 오랜만이네요~친형이 찍어준 사진이에요 24살! 지금의 저예요. 어때요?Photograph by YSL #musicbankbrasileuvou It’s been a while~ Real older brother took the picture of 24 year old me! This is me now. How is it? Photograph by YSL #musicbankbrasileuvou [Weibo] 여러분~ 정신입니다 한국도 이제 정말 여름 날씨네요~ 이럴 때 일수록 감기 조심하시구 우린 콘서트에서 만나요!! 얼마 전에 친형이 찍어준 […]

[Weibo|Trans|Photo] Jungshin Waiting at the Airport

삼성갤럭시뮤직과 함께하는 씨엔블루블루문 in 광저우 출발! 노래들으며 추우우울바알 조금만기다려요! Samsung galaxy music together with CNBLUE Blue Moon in Guangzhou departure! Listening to music while waiting for departuuure! Source: CNBLUE weibo Trans by: Celine@CNBShin Posted by: Gen@CNBShin

[Weibo/Trans/Photo] Jung Shin Advises Everyone to Use Sun Screen

여러분 안녕하세요 정신입니다~~~!!!^^ 날씨가 엄청덥네요 매일 땀으로샤워하고있답니다..안그래도 까만 제가..더 까매졌어요…여러분은 선크림 꼭챙겨바르시구요! 곧..만날날이 다가오고있어요! 너무 기대됩니다! 공연날에 만나요! 알러뷰~! Hello everyone it’s me Jungshin~~~!!!^^ The weather is extremely hot.. everyday I shower with sweat.. Anyway the dark me.. is getting even darker… Everyone make sure to use sun cream! Soon.. The day we can meet […]

[LINE|Weibo|Photo|Trans] JungShin tempts fans with mooncakes, wishing all a Happy ChuSeok

Hello, I’m CNBLUE’s member Lee JungShin! Looking at the many mooncakes given by fans~ I’m really touched Did you guys want to eat the mooncakes in my hands? Haha It’s pretty right?~ It’s really delicious Although you guys are supporting me from the China region, but I can feel your love For the fans in […]