[Trans|Twitter|Photo] Romantic JungShin Reminds You to Watch CCD111

This is Jungshin~ Arrived in Hiroshima for CNBLUE Arena Tour. What will happen in CheongDamDong 111 today.. Would be good if it was interesting~~ Please do catch the live broadcast later!! Good night, may love fall..ㅋㅋ romantic JS @CNBLUE_4: 정신입니다~ 씨엔블루 아레나투어 히로시마에 도착했습니다 오늘 청담동111에서는 무슨일이 일어날지..재밌었으면 좋겠네요~~ 잠시후 본방사수부탁드려요!!굿나잇 사랑이 내리려나..ㅋㅋ 로맨틱 JS […]

[Video|Trans] CNBLUE’s interview on China’s YinYueTai

original source from YinYueTai: http://t.co/mGr0DtSbQV  Section Q: CNBLUE is not only outstanding in the music field, but also in looks. Not long ago, YongHwa tweeted “Sorry for being too good looking” with his picture, which part of him did he think was good looking?  YH: I think the most handsome is myself hence I uploaded that. […]

[Tweet/Trans/Photo] Jung Shin and Jong Hyun at Idol Star Athletics Championship

[trans] everybody, it’s jungshin~^^ thanks to those who came to idol star athletics championships today, it must be tiring right? ㅠ I couldnt say hi to you all much as I couldn’t see the seats too. I enjoyed the food too! It was really delicious! Please take care on the way home^^ @CNBLUE_4: 여러분 정신입니다~^^오늘 […]