Thank you for celebrating our 4th birthday with us. Now that Lee Jung Shin has a lot of activities, we will try our best to update our followers and continue to support our favorite awesome bassist/ actor/ model/ MC/ photographer. Here are the winners of today’s event: Ceci Magazine: @zhab6002622 Ceci Magazine: @PikaJjoong Pulp Magazine: […]

[Twitter/Trans/Photo] JungShin Sends His Lunar New Year Greetings From Warm Chile

Everybody~~ JungShin here. Are you having a good Lunar New Year? We are spending a warm Lunar New Year in Chile~ We’ll come back very soon ㅎ The songs in the album is good, very good, oh my god good. Please look forward to it. Have a good time with your family!!! 여러분~~ 정신이에요. 설 […]

[Tweet/Photos/Trans] CNBLUE’s White Day Greeting

  Hello everybody it’s YongHwa! keke We tried preparing for you guys. How is it? Tehet ;..;. Create good memories on White Day and have a good day! Please give CNBLUE World Tour lots of support! Thank you! 여러분 안녕하세요 용화예요!ㅋㅋ 여러분들을 위해 저희가 준비해 봤어요. 어때요? 데헷;..;. 화이트데이 좋은 추억 만드시고, 즐거운 하루 되시길! CNBLUE […]