[Twitter/Trans/Photo] Jung Shin Shares Photo During Practice

Photo taken during practice. Fans who came to comeback show recording today, thank you. Please take care of us. 연습때 찍은 사진!! 컴백쇼 녹화에 찾아와 주신 팬분들 감사합니당~ 오늘…잘 부탁드려요!! source: MentalShin@twitter trans by: Celine@CNBShin posted by: Gen@CNBShin

[Twitter|Trans|Photo] Neckless JungShin starts his personal tweeting journey

정신입니다~~ 여러분들과 더 가깝게 소통하기 위해서 개인 트윗을 하기로 했어요!! 목없는정신으로 시작!! pic.twitter.com/UVF7e9rquA This is JungShin~~ I started my personal tweets in order to communicate more closely with everyone!! Starting with neckless JungShin!! Individual accounts?! Possibly the best news for the past few months! 😀 source: MentalShin@twitter translated and posted by: Gera@CNBShin

[Twitter|Trans|Photo] JungShin teases to reveal pictures he took

핸드폰사진부터 월드투어때 찍은 사진들까지 봉인해제. 원해요? pic.twitter.com/YVTZAeSqdI Removing the seal on the pictures – from handphone (mobile/cell phone) pictures to pictures taken during world tour. Want it? Gosh, his second tweet on his personal Twitter account and he is teasing us already! Help!  source: MentalShin@twitter translated and posted by: Gera@CNBShin

[Twitter/Trans/Photo] Jungshin Wants to Share Blue Moon Memories

Hola~~!! Everyone this is Blue Moon world tour eldest photographer Jungshin. We are now in rehearsal for the Peru concert~~!! Pictures..decently, more!! Do you want to see? Then scream~~~!!!!! Someday this memory will be shared…Please wait for it!!! 올라~~!! 여러분 블루문 월드투어 포토그래퍼계의 된장남 정신입니다 저희는 지금 페루공연 리허설중이예요~~!! 사진.. 제대로, 더!! 보고싶으신가요? 그럼 소리질러~~~!!!!! […]

[Twitter/Trans/Photo] Jungshin Gives a Clue to Why Minhyuk is Missing in Picture

Yeah~ How have you been? This is JungShin. Wanted to tell about recent events hence tweeting tweets. But please do not think that the person in the corner of the picture is Minhyuk slurping on ramen – it is our manager. You will know why Minhyuk is missing when you watch this week’s CheongDamDong 111. […]