[Twitter/Trans/Photo] Jung Shin Shares Photo During Practice

Photo taken during practice. Fans who came to comeback show recording today, thank you. Please take care of us. 연습때 찍은 사진!! 컴백쇼 녹화에 찾아와 주신 팬분들 감사합니당~ 오늘…잘 부탁드려요!! source: MentalShin@twitter trans by: Celine@CNBShin posted by: Gen@CNBShin

[Twitter|Trans|Photo] JungShin reminds about tonight’s teaser

오늘 자정에 티저공개!! 기대해주세요오~~ pic.twitter.com/FjgAktsj1f Today, teaser revealed at midnight !! Please look forward to it oh~~   Such good news that all CNBLUE members created their own Twitter accounts! Have you followed them yet? 😉 source: MentalShin@twitter trans by: Gera@CNBShin posted by: Gen@CNBShin