Thank you for celebrating our 4th birthday with us. Now that Lee Jung Shin has a lot of activities, we will try our best to update our followers and continue to support our favorite awesome bassist/ actor/ model/ MC/ photographer. Here are the winners of today’s event: Ceci Magazine: @zhab6002622 Ceci Magazine: @PikaJjoong Pulp Magazine: […]

[Project] Happy 3irthday CNBShin Anniversary Quiz Winners!

It was a successful anniversary day for CNBShin and we thank you Boice for celebrating this day with us.  Thank you for allowing us to flood your twitter timelines with Lee Jung Shin’s photos. Also, we truly appreciate everyone who joined the quiz.  Here is a recap of the quiz questions and the correct answers: […]

[Twitter/Trans/Photo] Ask Jung Shin anything!

Guys~ Today we have Q&A event during Guerilla Date #CNBLUE #CantStop please ask me anything that u’re curious to know ㅎ u can ask me by mentioning me!! 여러분~ 오늘 게릴라 Q&A 이벤트할려고 해요 #CNBLUE #CantStop 붙이시고 저한테 궁금하신 ê±° 질문해주세요ㅎ 불시에 답멘션할거에요! http://youtu.be/75KBwVtd_W0  pic.twitter.com/Pk2lOFksM1 source: MentalShin@Twitter trans by: norleecious@Twitter posted by: Gen@CNBShin

[Twitter/Trans/Photo] Jung Shin Shares Photo During Practice

Photo taken during practice. Fans who came to comeback show recording today, thank you. Please take care of us. 연습때 찍은 사진!! 컴백쇼 녹화에 찾아와 주신 팬분들 감사합니당~ 오늘…잘 부탁드려요!! source: MentalShin@twitter trans by: Celine@CNBShin posted by: Gen@CNBShin