[Project] 2-in-1 – Support CNBShin’s 2014 drama support + birthday project!

Hello Boice! Our favourite month of the year is just 2 short months away – it’s CNBShin’s 4th year to celebrate Lee Jung Shin’s birthday! CNBShin has been “resting” lately but we could never miss that special day! And aside from Jung Shin’s birthday, we were given another reason to celebrate.. Lee Jung Shin confirmed his comeback to […]

[Photos] “Arena” reveals Jungshin and Minhyuk’s shocking funky pictorials

  Two members of CNBLUE, drummer Kang Minhyuk and bassist Lee Jungshin, have shown a dramatic change in the recent pictorial for fashion magazine “Arena”. Different with their usual dandy image, on the preview black-and-white pictorials that were unveiled on March 24, the two musicians look 180 degrees different and funky with their hair styles […]

[Project] Jungshin and Friends – birthday gifts and wrap-up

It’s finally here – Jungshin’s 23rd birthday! We at CNBShin have been gearing for this special day, with our sleeptime and health as collateral damage ;D But this year feels extra special because CNBShin has received tremendous support from many local fanbases! You’ve supported us through it all, and for that we’re extremely grateful!! Now that […]