About CNBShin

CNBSHIN is an international fan site/base for CNBLUE’s bassist, Lee Jung Shin.

We are a small team handling CNBShin, so you might find us lacking in updates compared to other CNB fansites/blogs.

But our team’s rule is to enjoy the fandom and not feel burdened by it ^^ We do try to be active as much as we can!

We hope you can support us and help us make CNBShin a place where Untouchable fans can gather and share their thoughts!

Thank you Boices!

There are currently 4 of us running CNBShin:


Twitter: @sajatokki (private); @leegalaxy_ (public)
Tumblr: leegalaxy
Location: Philippines
Role: Co-founder / blogger / project manager
About JungShin: Watch CNBLUE’s rendition of “Let’s Get It Started” on KJE Chocolate! Coolest rookie bassist! ❤ 


Twitter: @chiffonlau
Tumblr: chiffonlau
Location: Singapore
Role: Co-founder / translator / relations / project manager
About JungShin: Love at first sight in WGM! ㅋㅋ


Twitter: @nunaynunay
Tumblr: nunaynunay
Location: Philippines
Role:  blogger / project manager
About JungShin: Couldn’t take my eyes off him while watching a LOVE Girl performance


Twitter: @celinedrops
Tumblr: celinedrops
Location: Philippines
Role:  blogger / project manager
About JungShin: Fell for him on the first episode of WGM 🙂

Please feel free to leave a message below to get to know us better, or chat with us on our Twitter.

However please do forward all official queries to cnbshin[at]gmail.com 🙂


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