[Birthday Tribute] #HappyJungshinDay25

Hello Boice!

It’s our bias’ birthday! Uri Jungshin has now reached twenty-five! This year, we admit that our busy lives caught up with us, and as such, CNBShin was not able to fully organize a birthday project like the previous years. BUT, rest assured we never forgot about Jungshin! This year, instead of launching our own birthday project, CNBShin decided to support our friends, Happy Jungshin, who we have already partnered with for old projects. We know our Korean friends will always do the best for Jungshin’s special days, and we trust that this time it’s no exception. This support actually came from you! For our previous projects, so many Boice contributed to CNBShin that we saved some of the contributions for future projects. So THANK YOU! Without you, we would not have been able to send our support to our Korean friends!

As per tradition, we will be trending #HappyJungshinDay25 on Twitter, so head over there now and have fun tweeting! Hopefully we can also get it to the Trending Topics!

Here is your birthday photo spam, to inspire you for the trending event!

1424062960253 Screenshot_2015-09-12-10-34-41-1 Screenshot_2015-09-01-23-19-23-1 Screenshot_2015-08-20-16-27-50-1 Screenshot_2015-07-23-20-06-35-1 img-c07304ecbdc75bd9bcd0814f7340e52a img-2114df2ec00dc7c185397357c39d4301 img-5220a279d41188b42735538499fe74b4 img-b85c1c2a8b4f62f148851c58beac1312 img-b6812a674b4a30058f9a81f158c9f061 IMG_20150406_174201 1424062964448 1426737637779 1426737640170 1441206580820 IMG_20150203_092751 1424062962602 dear boice 7 dear boice 5 dear boice 6 dear boice 4 dear boice 9 dear boice 10 dear boice 3 dear boice 1

Don’t forget to watch Jungshin’s M/V teaser for Cinderella!

And support CNBLUE by watching the M/V itself! Spread the word and let’s get more views!


CNBShin admins


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