[Birthday tribute] Growing with Jung Shin – UPDATED

BxaePCeCcAAaKvzphoto credit: MentalShin@twitter

Hey Boice! It’s D-day – CNBShin’s favorite time of the year, aka Lee Jungshin’s birthday! We at CNBShin have all been busy with real lives but we tried our best to take part in Jungshin’s birthday celebration. Please read more for our birthday tribute post!

It’s been years since we’ve known and loved CNBLUE’s bassist – Lee Jung Shin. We watched him grow from the shy rookie who always stays at the back to the cool maknae who almost always blurts out funny lines and now, to the charismatic actor who wins the hearts of many. Jungshin transformed from being the least noticed CNBLUE member to being the “bias-wrecker” as what many Boice call him now 😉

In the three years that we’ve been around, CNBShin has grown too. From the crazy last-minute planning between two admin-rookies to a more organized four-ladies-group, from being highly-obssessed fangirls to more mature fans (at least we’d like to think that way! :P), from being an unknown fanbase to a quietly but heavily supported Jungshin fanbase. We believe CNBShin is still lowkey compared to the big fansites, but we’re proud to be receiving so much support from you all! For this year’s birthday project, we went for small but important stuff – we didn’t have a lot of time but we could never miss Jungshin’s birthday for the world!

Drama food support

We focused on participating in Jungshin’s birthday-and-drama food support, in partnership with HappyJungShin. They organized this snack truck which evidently cheered up Jungshin and the people he’s working with! Read more of this project here.

BwXp0PvCMAAX832.jpg largeds1eSee our little logo over there? 😉

Song video – UPDATED!!!

The special song we’ve written and composed for Lee Jung Shin entitled Beautiful Distraction is finally uploaded on You Tube!!! Even if we are really busy, or maybe if we are down and low, we can always depend on Jung Shin to make us smile and forget all the negativities around us. We hope you like the song video we made sincerely from our hearts.

Photo booklet

We also promised a message booklet for our donors, and like the song, it’s still a work-in-progress. We’re sorry that we’re running late, but we promise it will be finished! Meanwhile, here’s a preview of what’s to come:

JS2014 3copy

Birthday cookies

With the help of our friends from HJS, we were able to send Jungshin these sweet birthday cookies! We were hesitant to buy a cake because we were not sure of the schedule and we didn’t want to risk it being spoilt, so we settled for cute little treats for our birthday boy. Something that he can easily eat while he’s going to work!


Trending topic

All Boice went tweet-crazy last midnight for an impormptu trending #HappyJungshinDay! As a result, we went up to No.2 on Worlwide Trending Topics! It was a fun, spazz-filled night to welcome in Jungshin’s day!! Good job, Boice for showing him the love!

That’s all! We’re currently working on everything else, but please stay posted for when we give you the final updates! Thank you, Boice! ❤


CNBShin Admins


*photos not our own. credits go to all the photo owners :)*


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