[Project Report] 2-in-1 Birthday and Drama support project for JungShin

[Translation from the post of our partner Happy JungShin. See original post here]


The 3rd support project is finished today.

The food support was set up in the outdoor set in Seoul in the afternoon and in Ilsan at night.

Coffee and churros for the afternoon snack.

80 people in outdoor filming, 100 people in the set for a total of 180 people


Coffee truck offered a variety of drinks aside from coffee.

Churros is really popular, they were made on the spot.


Snack packs contains:

Croissant sandwich, chicken drumstick, pumpkin salad, fruit, macaroon and cookie

Na HongKyu stickers were put in the spring water bottles.


The original plan is to give coffee, churros and samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup)

But because of the filming conditions, we can not send in the food truck and replaced it with snack truck.


We delivered the message book containing messages of support

We also gave HongKyu a gift, a tea cup set (The little prince).


And to Manager hyung who is working hard

we gave a gift of ginseng and energy drinks.


This time, Happy Jungshin worked together with CNBHK, CNBShin, CNBLUEMexico.com

Lee JungShin is deeply grateful to all the fans around the world for the support.


Packed snacks!


Snack truck


Jungshin and the staff and crew of ‘Temptation’ enjoying their coffee and churros


To everyone who sent in their support, Thank You Very Much! We really, really appreciate your support

to CNBShin and JungShin. Until our next project~! ^^

Love, Bunny Buins


Photo source: Happy JungShin, @MentalShin

Trans/posted by: celine@CNBShin



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