[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Jungshin miss his long hair


미국가기전에 여러분께 선물! 다시 머리기르고싶어졌음..ㅋㅋ 제 지인중에 헤어가 긴분이 계신데 지인사진에 제얼굴을 합성..ㅋㅋ에이전시 테오 전호대표님이 직접해주셨대요ㅋㅋ 대리만족해야겠어요ㅎ 감사합니다ㅋㅋ

Here’s a gift for everyone before going to America! I want to grow my hair again..ㅋㅋ Put my face on my friend’s picture with long hair..ㅋㅋ Agency Representative JeonHo let me do it myself ㅋㅋThank you ㅋㅋ

T/N: I’m not really sure of my translation..sorry 😦

source: @MentalShin

trans/posted by: celine@CNBShin


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