[Project] Happy 3irthday CNBShin Anniversary Quiz Winners!

It was a successful anniversary day for CNBShin and we thank you Boice for celebrating this day with us.  Thank you for allowing us to flood your twitter timelines with Lee Jung Shin’s photos.


Also, we truly appreciate everyone who joined the quiz.  Here is a recap of the quiz questions and the correct answers:

1. What was cnbshin’s theme for Jung Shin’s 2013 Birthday Project? – Jungshin & Friends

2. What is the name of Jungshin’s high school? – Jungbal High School

3. Based on cnbshin’s poll, which hairstyle won as Boice’s favorite Jungshin hairstyle? – Long Waves

4. What computer does JungShin use – Mac, PC or others? – Mac

5. When was JungShin born (including the year)? Spell out the month in full. – September 15, 1991

6. What is Jung Shin’s favorite perfume? Include brand and name of perfume?- Dolce & Gobbana Light Blue

7. What was the title of the first song made by cnbshin for Jung Shin’s birthday? – To Be With You

8. What was Jungshin’s mom’s occupation before she got married? – Flight Stewardess

9. What is Jungshin’s shoe size? (Korean shoe size in mm) – 275mm

10. What is the name of Jungshin’s older brother? – Yong Shin

11. Who is Lee Jung Shin’s actress crush? – Lee Bo Young

12. What is the name of Lee Jung Shin’s mother? – Nam Yang Joo

13. Aside from blue, what is Jungshin’s favorite color? –  Black

14. What is the brand of Jungshin’s bass strap? – Moody

15. Which year did CNBShin donate to CNBLUE School? – 2013

16. What is the Title of CNBShin’s second song for Jungshin? – Happy Virus

17. When was CNBShin established? Pls put exact date. – March 20, 2011

18. What type of coffee is Jungshin’s favorite? – Iced Americano

19. What is the title of the song that Jungsin sang fully during Where You Are Fan Club Tour?  –Let’s Go Crazy

20. How many admins does CNBShin has now? – 4

Here is the complete list of winners and their respective prizes:

1st Prize: Jungshin’s History Photoset – @adeltsl

2nd Prize: Can’t Stop Album w/Poster – @Burningbabyboy

3rd Prize: CNBShin Tumbler & Eco Bag – @imarootcrop

Consolation Prizes: Kpop Magazine (CNBLUE on the cover), w/CNBShin Button Pins – @BurningMachiato and @BURNING_EGGS

Congratulations and thank you for joining our quiz! We truly had a great time!

Let’s keep supporting Lee Jung Shin & CNBLUE!


Bunny Buins @ CNBShin

2 thoughts on “[Project] Happy 3irthday CNBShin Anniversary Quiz Winners!

  1. Thank you for organising this quiz & letting us learn so much more about jungshin 🙂 Looking forward to receiving my prize :p thank you so much CNBShin! & #happy3irthdayCNBShin ! ❤

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