[Scan|Trans] Star Magazine February 2014 Issue – JungShin

Lee Jung Shin

The bassist of CNBLUE, Lee Jung Shin starred in My Daughter Seo Young and Sword and Flower.

Ever since I met you, you guys have looked like mischievous friends.

Yes, it’s fun to be with the members. Today’s shooting is more meaningful because today is our fourth anniversary. As I’ve heard, the trendy color of this year is blue. We are CNBLUE, so I hope this year becomes our year.

Wow. You are really good at answering questions. I was sorry to make you work on a special day, but this interview seems to be good (haha).

We only buy a cake for birthdays. That’s it, so I am okay with working today. Being alone with our members is good, but shooting pictures like this is also meaningful. It was hard to see each other recently because Yong Hwa hyung and Min Hyuk hyung were busy starring in dramas a while ago. I only saw them sleeping.

You starred in two dramas, My daughter Seo Young and Sword and Flower. How was it acting?

I liked it. I experienced extreme hot and extreme cold (laugh). It is said that viewer rating depends on the plan of nature. I was glad to experience various things. Most of all, I starred in one historical drama and one present-day life drama. I learned how to ride a horse while I starred in a historical one, and there was a chance to use that ability when I shot the end-of-year awards. I want to ride more, but I hold back for fear of getting hurt. Our concerts are soon. Acting is so interesting. I want to act more.

I asked Jong Hyun what Jung Shin meant to him. Can you guess what he said? A younger brother who is not okay with or without him.

I am disappointed in that answer. It’s not easy to say things like that. I will take my mind off him. Haha. He says that, but he is actually glad when I take care of him. He can’t speak in an affectionate way. This is his own way to show his thanks.

You are the youngest member of CNBLUE, don’t other members (hyung) love you? Do they scold you?

They don’t scold me. We usually aren’t in conflict with other members. We don’t do something if we think it will bother each other, so we always work in a good mood with a smile. We know each other well. It is an interesting fact that we have lived together for a long time.

You might want to live separately with your members when you start to date someone.

Maybe… dating someone. It would be nice.

What kind of man are you when you are dating someone?

Honestly, I don’t know. As people know, I am bright, good at laughing, and am the youngest member of CNBLUE. I actually laugh a lot because I can’t work when I feel my work isn’t my pleasure. But it isn’t all about me. It depends upon the situation. My personality might change, and it depends on the girl I meet. I also wonder how I’ll change. I have lived with only men.

Date someone, really.

People around me say that I should date people a lot while I am young. I also feel the need to meet someone to catch up to other people’s ordinary things in life, like dating and college life that I can’t experience. Dramas are usually about love. If I act in a drama without any experience with love, isn’t is hard to understand a character? Songs about parting also are sung differently by people who experience it than those who do not. Experience makes a difference but it doesn’t mean that I want to meet someone by constraint.

Have you ever loved someone to death?

Not yet, maybe sometime in the future. I want that person to be my bride. People get married after meeting dating people, but I don’t think it has to be that. I don’t want to share my love. I want to give my love to only one person. Right now I am keeping my love.

Wow! Your fans are giving a squeal of delight because of what you said. Could you give more hints for fans who want to be that girl? What conditions are there?

I used to care about many things before, but now I don’t know. A person who can understand my job? I think there is no one. I am so busy. If I were a person who met me, I would also hate to meet me. Anyway, I don’t have a special condition, but I prefer a girl who has brighter skin than me. I can’t give up that one thing.

Lee Bo Young is still your ideal type?

Yes. I like Bo Young noona’s style. I am actually close to her, so it’s stronger. I hope my girlfriend’s appearance looks like Bo Young noona’s style.

Here is the last question: I read an article where you said that you often typed your name into the Internet. Do you still do that?

Yes. I check whether there are strange posts or not. (Yong Hwa said that he also does that. It is almost the first thing he does to start a day.) Especially when we release our new album. I check articles that measure me and my music. I won’t be hurt, but I try to find parts of my personality that I have to correct. Haha. However, there are not many posts about me. I will work harder (laugh).

scans source: hbjonghyun.blog.me

translation: dramafever

edited & posted by: celinedrops@CNBShin


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