UPDATED! [Project|Anniversary] CNBShin Turns 3 on March 20!


Hello Boice!

This coming March 20, CNBShin is celebrating her third year anniversary! Hooray!

3 years and counting…

Looking back, we realized we have come a long way (and there’s still a looong way to go!). As an international fanbase, we show our love by sending birthday gifts to Jungshin, and our unwavering support through rice wreaths and food support in his drama.

We don’t only show love and support for Jungshin, we also show that like Jungshin, we can do our share of charity work and show compassion for people. For Jungshin’s last birthday we raised funds for the CNBLUE school in Africa. And in November, together with other fanbases, we participated in a fund raising and donation drive for the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, providing with hope and necessities to tide them through the trying period.

live quiz contest

We would not be able to achieve all of the above without your support, dear Boice. To show our gratitude and in celebration of our 3rd birthday, we will be having a live quiz contest on 20 March, Thursday, at 9pm KST.

What is in it for Boice? The prizes are:

  1. Jungshin’s History – Blue Moon Photocard Set
  2. Can’t Stop CD w/Poster
  3. A set of CNBShin tumbler and ecobag
  4. Magazines (Sparkling and Pulp)

How can I take part in the live quiz and win the prizes?

  • Firstly, follow @CNBShin on Twitter, if you haven’t!
  • On 20 March, from 9:00pm KST, we will be asking questions about JungShin and/or CNBSHIN on Twitter.
  • Answer the question by mentioning us and using including #happy3irthdayCNBShin.
  • The first follower to answer each question correctly will be immediately announced and taken note of.
  • The first person to answer 3 correct questions accumulatively throughout the quiz will win the top prize; the second and third person to do so would win the runner-up prizes.


Also, to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we will trend #happy3irthdayCNBShin on the day, 20 March 2014. Do join us for a day of celebration!

We look forward to a day of fun, sharing little tidbits of JungShin and CNBShin with fellow Boice throughout the day, and also to the ‘grand celebration’ at night.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, or tweet us if you have questions on #happy3irthdayCNBShin.

See you then!

Bunny Buins @ CNBShin


*special thanks to @cebununa, @celinedrops and @nunaynunay donating some of the prizes


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