[Twitter/Trans/Photo] Jungshin Wants to Share Blue Moon Memories


Hola~~!! Everyone this is Blue Moon world tour eldest photographer Jungshin. We are now in rehearsal for the Peru concert~~!! Pictures..decently, more!! Do you want to see? Then scream~~~!!!!! Someday this memory will be shared…Please wait for it!!!

올라~~!! 여러분 블루문 월드투어 포토그래퍼계의 된장남 정신입니다 저희는 지금 페루공연 리허설중이예요~~!! 사진.. 제대로, 더!! 보고싶으신가요? 그럼 소리질러~~~!!!!! 언젠간 이 메모리가 풀리겠지요…기대해주세요!!! http://twitpic.com/dtozh0

source: CNBLUE_4@Twitter

trans by:Celine @CNBShin

posted by: Gen@CNBShin


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