[Project] B.L.U.E. for a Cause, Love From BOICE – Project Wrap-Up

In the spirit of Boice unity, compassion and kindness, the four CNBLUE fanbases – CNBJonghyun, CNBMinhyuk, CNBShin and CNBYonghwa collaborated for a donation drive to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in Central Philippines.

It was heartwarming to see that the project was overwhelmingly supported by CNBLUE fans and friends from all over the world. Some Boice even had a mini fundraising on their own in support of this cause. We are delighted to report that the total donations collected reached a total amount of 181,264.98 PHP and 4 boxes of clothes from in-kind contributions.

As per what we have aimed to do with the donations, the funds raised were used to purchase relief goods such as bottled water, canned goods, noodles, toiletries and blankets. These, as well as the clothes donated in kind, were sent to the Philippine National Red Cross on November 24, 2013.

We would like to take this opportunity to convey our sincerest appreciation to each and everyone who supported the cause. With our collaborative efforts as Boice, let us continue to help and pray for the victims so they can “Try Again, Smile Again.”

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Below is the complete list of donors, followed by the items donated. A big thank you to the kind donors and supporters:

Adrian Biblanias Cash Ayie Lee Old Clothes
Aizah Mahmood Cash Celine Lee Old Clothes
Anisa Nestsungnoen Cash Christine Yusoo Old Clothes
Asela Hana Cash Dhang Santos Old Clothes
Ayie Lee Cash Elaine Verri Old Clothes
Celine Lee Cash Ella Yao Old Clothes
Chan May Kah Cash Maricel Bayhonan Old Clothes
Charis Yang Cash Matthew Hizola Old Clothes
@yongyongjii Cash Moon Gen Shin Old Clothes
CNBJonghyun Cash Napalan Family Old Clothes
CNBLUE Boices Fanclub Cash Santos Family Old Clothes
cnblue USA Cash Van Sanchez Old Clothes
cnblue4ina Cash CNBMinhyuk Water
CNBMinhyuk Cash CnbMinhyuk Noodles
CNBurning Rose Cash Celine Lee Vehicle
CNBYonghwa Cash Christine Yusoo Vehicle
Dada Valderama Cash Moon Gen Shin Vehicle
Denmark Zapata Cash Ting Panlilio Vehicle
Desy Yani Cash
Eleyn Laureano Cash
Fatimah Zubir Cash
Faye Swinton Cash
Fey Harper Cash
Foo Xiuli Cash
Foong Pearl Cash
Ikeba Sumiko Cash
Jem Cash
Jermaine Rui Cash
Joey Lim Cash
Jung Ginger Cash
Karl Stephan Pan Cash
Katrina Calingasan Cash
Kristine Quizon Cash
Lim Elaine Cash
Madel Moises Cash
Manuswee Buangam Cash
Moon Gen Shin Cash
Nafisah Abd Hamid Cash
Nakamura Emi Cash
@100_mo Cash
@happytmg Cash
Peixin Cash
Randstad Singapore Cash
Razel Jabanag Cash
Rischa Riahta Cash
Sally Gale Tejada Cash
San Lorenzo Sch Batch ’91 Cash
dannysuisui Cash
ShinShin Cash
ShinShin Cash
Sinyi Qianyi Cash
Subharada Chalacheebh Cash
Terabayashi Yumiko Cash
Thayse Sanson Kleiman Cash
Ting Panlilio Cash
@Cnusagi Cash
Yamagishi Shigeko Cash
@ITAboiceY Cash
yxqgn732 Cash
smile25heart Cash

Below is the breakdown of what was given to the Red Cross:

Expense Category   Description # of Pieces Expenses
Donation Items Summit Bottled Water (1.5L) 1.5ml x 12 per case 1020 21,420.00
Young’s Town Sardines 100 cans per case 1750 24,937.50
Bingo Corned Beef 48 cans per case 1536 26,880.00
Ready-to-Eat Viand (in pouch) 48 pouches per case 1750 26,675.00
Assorted Medicine 16000 6,600.00
     Ascorbic Acid 100 tabs per box 4000
     Mefenamic Acid 100 tabs per box 4000
     Paracetamol 100 tabs per box 4000
     Loperamide 100 tabs per box 4000
Toothbrush Cleene, individual 1500 10,200.00
Toothpaste Colgate Twin Pack 1584 9,108.00
Bath Soap assorted, in pouch 1200 14,033.50
     Green Cross Soap 758 8,906.50
     Johnson’s Baby Soap 192 2,775.00
     Tender Care Soap 250 2,352.00
Tissue 9’s x 10 per case 450 3,850.00
Blanket 240 36,000.00
Old Clothes
Misc Packing Materials tape, boxes, straw, etc. 227.75
Delivery & Logistics 722.00
Lunch for Volunteers 983.00
TOTAL 181636.75
Paypal 144,289.98
BDO bank 15,655.00
BPI bank 21,320.00
Total Funds 181,264.98
Total Expenses 181,636.75
Net of Expenses -371.77

Despite being over our budget by a little, our key volunteer Ginger and accountant (ㅋㅋ) has generously offered to cover the negatives – thank you Ginger! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the volunteers and the members of the ‘committee’ who has worked hard to make this project a success – not for personal gain but to help the suffering victims in the Philippines.

Also, a shout-out to the fellow fanbases and BOICE who helped in one way or another to spread the word or gather the love. It has been an inspiring journey to see how each and every BOICE can make a big impact together, despite how big or small our individual efforts are. Let us keep the love alive, BOICE!


UPDATE!!!  We just received an appreciation letter from Philippine Red Cross 🙂 Great job BOICE!


post by: Gen@CNBShin
edited by: Gera@CNBShin


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