[Trans|Twitter|Photo] Romantic JungShin Reminds You to Watch CCD111


This is Jungshin~ Arrived in Hiroshima for CNBLUE Arena Tour. What will happen in CheongDamDong 111 today.. Would be good if it was interesting~~ Please do catch the live broadcast later!! Good night, may love fall..ㅋㅋ romantic JS

@CNBLUE_4: 정신입니다~ 씨엔블루 아레나투어 히로시마에 도착했습니다 오늘 청담동111에서는 무슨일이 일어날지..재밌었으면 좋겠네요~~ 잠시후 본방사수부탁드려요!!굿나잇 사랑이 내리려나..ㅋㅋ 로맨틱 JS http://t.co/RKSqQFvn94

Translated by: gera@cnbshin
Source: @cnblue_4


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