[Twitter|Pic|Trans] JungShin is so hungry he has no soul


The end! The Osaka concert has ended! I’m in a state of being ravenously hungry.. I’ve got no soul ㅋ Everybody have you listened to our ‘present’ album? I hope to hear the songs in the album in Korea soon too. Will try to make that chance happen soon..present! Please introduce and promote it to the people around you! Have a good night! Ah, and I’m the HongKi hyung type* ㅋ

끝! 오사카공연이 끝났습니다! 전 몹시배고픈상태..영혼없음ㅋ 여러분 우리 present앨범들어보셨나요? 빨리 한국에서도 앨범에 담긴 곡들을 들려드리고싶어요 빨리 그 기회를 만들어보도록 하겠습니다..present! 주위분들에게 많이 홍보해주세요! 좋은밤되세요 아그리고 전 홍기형타입ㅋ http://twitpic.com/dms1xx

*note: he was referring to a picture tweet (http://t.co/1PrRGPGr8S) made a few days ago on what type are you, and he chose HongKi type as his answer to the question

Translated by: gera@cnbshin
Source: @cnblue_4


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