[Twitter/Trans/Photo] JungShin returns to his photography dream


It’s Jungshin. Not long ago I started taking photos again, and also bought a new camera and lenses.. Wanted to take pictures properly shortly after but forgot about it~ keke I started working hard and returned to my photography dream tree.. Hehehe This picture was taken at the recent Saitama Arena rehearsal hehe Well, indeed..the subject of photography is good hehe Anyway this is a present for everyone!!!

정신입니다 얼마전부터 사진을 다시 시작했어요 카메라도 사고 렌즈들도 사고.. 간만에 제대로 찍으려고 하니 기억도안나고~ㅋㅋ 열심히 해서 다시 포토꿈나무시절로..ㅎㅎㅎ 이사진은 이번에 사이타마아레나 리허설때 찍은사진이에요ㅎㅎ 역시뭐.. 피사체가 좋으니ㅎㅎ어쨌든 여러분들을 위한 선물이에요!!! http://twitpic.com/dl7o1p

source: CNBLUE_4@twitter

trans by: Gera@CNBShin

posted by:  Gen@CNBShin


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