[Project] B.L.U.E. for a cause – helping the typhoon victims ‘try again smile again’

The Philippines was recently hit by devastating super typhoon Yolanda (intl name: Haiyan).  CNBShin, CNBJonghyun, CNBMinhyuk and CNBYonghwa have collaborated to do a part to help the victims affected by this tragedy.

We are:

  1. gathering monetary donations – via Paypal (for international donors) or local bank transfer (for PH residents).
  2. conducting meet ups to collect old usable clothes & blankets.

The collected and bought supplies will be passed to Sagip Kapamilya, the emergency humanitarian assistance program under ABS-CBN foundation, and housed at their warehouse before dispatched to the needy. As per ABS-CBN’s past relief efforts, an acknowledgement receipt will be given upon receiving the supplies. We will be sharing the joy of helping with everyone when that time comes.

All details are in the poster below (click here if you are unable to see the picture below).

No amount is too small – every amount goes a long way to help the victims tide over this trying period!

If you have questions, message us on cnbshin[at]gmail.com.


Let us all do our little part to help the affected victims in Philippines try again, smile again.

– 한국어 버전 –

태풍 ‘욜란다’는 필리핀에 큰 손상을 입혔습니다.

많은 필리핀 사람들이 피해를 입었습니다.

그래서 우리 씨엔블루 4대 팬 베이스는 “B.L.U.E for a cause” 계획을 같이 하도록 하겠습니다.
목적은 전세계 씨엔블루 팬분들이 힘을 모아서 필리핀의 피해자분들에게 도움을 주고 싶습니다.

도움을 모으는 방법:

  1. 돈을 모아서 병에 담긴 식수와 필요한 약을 살 것입니다.
    국제 팬분들은 11월 17일 까지 PayPal 장호  kris.ginger.devera@gmail.com 으로 송금 해주싶시오.
  2. 다른 필리핀 사람들에게 옷과 담요를 보낼 것입니다.

질문있으면 cnbshin@gmail.com으로 메일 보내주십시오.

힘을 모아 필리핀 피해자 분들에게 try again smile again 할수있게 같이 노력합시다!




そこで私たち CNBShin、CNBJonghyun、CNBMinhyuk、CNBYonghwaは、”B.L.U.E for a cause”プロジェクトを共同で行うことにしました。

1. PayPalによる募金の受付
送金先:PayPalアカウント kris.ginger.devera@gmail.com
または Twitterアカウント @CNusagi でもとりまとめ送金代行いたします。ご相談ください。
(受付締切 11/17迄)

2. 使っていない衣類・毛布等を送ってください。

※集まった募金は Sagip Kapamilya (フィリピン企業ABS-CBNの緊急人道支援プログラム) を通じて、植樹や薬の購入に使われます。衣類等も同じくSagip Kapamilya を通じて被災者に贈られます。

Twitter:@cnbshin または @CNusagi


力を合わせてフィリピンの被災者の方々が try again smile again できるようご協力よろしくお願いします。



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