[Project] Jungshin and “Friends” – the poll results!

Hey Boice! We’ve reached the end of Jungshin’s birthday rush! Remember our little activity about Jungshin and Friends? We asked, you answered! After a month of voting, we finally got the surprising results! Between Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, stuffed toys, pets, and fans, you decided which friend our birthday boy goes along best.

“Jungshin and Boice” – 1.97%


Running last contender for the title, Jungshin’s friend, is us, Boice. I personally think Jungshin’s interaction with fans is adorable with all his shyness, but I guess to most of you, his fanservice is just plain awkward! Which isn’t a bad thing; at least he’s not rude to us. But random comments during concerts, while it can be unbelievably funny, isn’t something many fangirls would scream for. Eh, I don’t care if his fanservice isn’t hot; he’s just too endearing for me!

“Jungshin and Minhyuk” – 2.08%


Who would have thought this pairing would rank 5th?! This maknae pair has been a longtime favorite, it’s surprising to see they ranked low! Where are the Minshin shippers? The two maknaes have always been close buddies, from being English classmates (albeit for a short time) to roommates. They’re close enough to feel comfortable in silence, and definitely close enough to do aegyo together and fake-kisses.

“Jungshin and stuffed toys” – 2.14%

20130123 JS & Brown w JH

This odd pair, together with the last two pairings, got almost equal votes, differing only by one or two votes. Still, it’s funny to have stuffed toys beat Minhyuk as Jungshin’s friend! I’m not one to judge – Jungshin abusing his poor stuffed friends is too precious for words!

“Jungshin and pets” – 2.42%

“Jonghyun and kids” has always been a hot topic. “Jungshin and pets” is a different story. While Jonghyun gazes longingly at adorable toddlers, Jungshin stares curiously at animals. For such a big man, who would have thought he approaches them with so much caution and interest? See for yourself:

“Jungshin and Jonghyun” – 7.15%

Jerry abuses Tom

When we started this activity, the Tom-and-Jerry couple got the most number of votes.  To be expected, judging from the number of Tumblr posts about them. Jonghyun may be a hyung, but Jungshin doesn’t hold back when it comes to bullying each other. Makes you wonder – is this how they show affection to each other? The two definitely make up an interesting pair of brothers.

“Jungshin and Yonghwa” – 84.24%


This pairing ate 84% of all the votes! I’ve always thought no OTP beats out Jonghwa pairing but evidently, Yongshin seems to be gaining popularity. I almost asked why the sudden interest, but my questions were answered when I found so many bromance moments between Yonghwa and Jungshin lately. It’s almost as if they’re proving us that they’re made for each other.

That concludes our Jungshin and Friends birthday project this year! If you missed our birthday project conclusion, check out our post here. Don’t forget to wish Jungshin a happy birthday on Twitter, @CNBLUE_4!

Yours sincerely,
Gera, Gen, Celine, Bianca @CNBShin

Post written by: B@CNBSHIN


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