[Project] Jungshin and Friends – birthday gifts and wrap-up

It’s finally here – Jungshin’s 23rd birthday! We at CNBShin have been gearing for this special day, with our sleeptime and health as collateral damage ;D But this year feels extra special because CNBShin has received tremendous support from many local fanbases! You’ve supported us through it all, and for that we’re extremely grateful!! Now that the day has arrived, here we are to present to you – the product of all our sweat, tears, and money – Jungshin and Friends: The Birthday Wrap-Up!

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CNBShin’s 3rd birthday song – I’m Your Friend

First off our projects list is our signature gift for Jungshin, a self-written song and video. The sweet song lyrics was written by our own admin, Gen, while the composition and that lovely voice are from our captain, Gera. CNBLUE Brazil has kindly offered their help with the video production!

CNBLUE School 2

We wanted to honor Jungshin and at the same time do it for a bigger cause, so we decided to donate to CNBLUE School 2. In partnership with CNBLUE USA, we raised 915,000 KRW for the school in commemoration of Jungshin’s birthday. It was daunting to raise that amount from zero, but with people from many different countries sending in their support, CNBShin and CNBLUE USA were able to make it!

JunShin & Friends Message Booklet

Donors who supported CNBShin’s side for the fundraising had a place in our message booklet for Jungshin. We have birthday messages from around the world, including Chile, Peru, Turkey, Mexico etc! Jungshin would feel very loved!

We would not be divulging the contents of the message booklet to keep it exclusive and of privacy for our donors. We hope all donors like this little gesture of ours and help to sustain it by not posting/sharing it online 🙂


Happy Jungshin with a cake

We initially wanted to give Jungshin a customized cake, but with his sudden change in schedule (flying to Singapore and Taiwan) and the heavy rains in Korea, we had to change our plans. Fortunately our friends in Korea, HappyJungshin, helped looked for the perfect cake – a really nice cake with JungShin’s favourite fruits for our birthday boy!! We chose the star-shaped cake for he is our Shin-nie Star! 😀 Small enough to be kept in the fridge, JungShin can enjoy the yummy cake even after his birthday 🙂

Extra gift set

Lastly, to spoil Jungshin (and most likely the rest of CNBLUE boys who raid his room for beauty products), we got this Giorgo Armani Men skincare set. The other hyungs, stop using Jungshin’s room for “dermatology”! xD

That concludes our birthday project for this year! Jungshin and Friends wouldn’t have been possible if we don’t have our friends – especially HappyJungshin and our partner for the school donation, CNBLUE USA. The donation wouldn’t have happened if not for every Boice who sent in their support. Special mention to the following fanbases who either donated to us or helped us gather donations from local Boice : CNBLUE Mexico.com, Boice Peru, CNBLUE Peru, Maestro Blue, CNBMinhyuk, Turkish Boice and CNBLUE Chile.

CNBShin’s past projects this year kept us really busy that by the time for the birthday project, we were already drained and exhausted. But when there are so many people backing us to make this project a success, we were able to make it. To every friend who stood behind us during the past months, YOU made Jungshin’s 23rd birthday the best that we had so far! Thank you Boice and of course, send Jungshin your birthday wishes through @CNBLUE_4! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNGSHIN!

P.S. Join us in trending #Happy23Jungshin! Tweet now!

All packed and delivered earlier today!


CNBShin team


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