[Tweet|Trans|Photo] JungShin will travel lonely to Singapore and Taiwan for Kpop Star Hunt 3



Hi it’s JungShin. I will be going to Singapore and Taiwan for this Kpop STARHUNT3! It’s lonely that I’m going alone… Yes, it’s regretful that it’s me alone.. Even so..I will be running over if you like keke Sorry that Yong-jjong-Min will not be going together. Anyway–!! I am happy to be seeing everyone who I have not in a while! I’m telling you a secret out of the blue…187.4cm…I grew a little taller this time. It is not about the environment nor the schedule that I grew.. Several people kept saying I’m about 190cm, it’s not.. I’m going to stop growing taller now.. I hope that the measuring instrument at the hospital has got an error – will take the airplane tomorrow. I will see you soon~ keke.

Hi 정신입니다 이번에 K pop STARHUNT3 프로그램을 위해 싱가폴,대만을 가게됐습니다! 저 혼자가게되어서 외롭네요… 네..유감이지만 저혼자예요.. 그래도…좋아해주시면 방방 뛰어가겠습니다..ㅋㅋ 용쫑밍과 같이못가서 죄송합니다 어쨌든~~!! 오랜만에 여러분들을 볼수있어서 happy합니다 아! 뜬금없는 비밀얘기인데요..저 키컸어요… 187.4cm…이번에 좀 컸어요 키가클환경과스케줄은 아니였는데말이죠..몇몇분들이 자꾸 190인거같다고하시는데 아니에요..저..이제 그만클게요.. 병원신장측정기가 오류였기를 바라면서 내일 비행기에 몸을 실어보실게요 see you soon 되실게요~ㅋㅋ http://twitpic.com/dcsdtl


source: CNBLUE@twitter
translated by: Gera@CNBShin
posted by: Gera@CNBShin


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