[Weibo/Trans/Photo] Jung Shin Advises Everyone to Use Sun Screen


여러분 안녕하세요 정신입니다~~~!!!^^ 날씨가 엄청덥네요 매일 땀으로샤워하고있답니다..안그래도 까만 제가..더 까매졌어요…여러분은 선크림 꼭챙겨바르시구요! 곧..만날날이 다가오고있어요! 너무 기대됩니다! 공연날에 만나요! 알러뷰~!

Hello everyone it’s me Jungshin~~~!!!^^ The weather is extremely hot.. everyday I shower with sweat.. Anyway the dark me.. is getting even darker… Everyone make sure to use sun cream! Soon.. The day we can meet will come! See you at the concert day! Allobyu~! (I love you!) ♥

source: CNBLUE Official Weibo

trans by: Fizzy@cnbluestorm

posted by: Gen@CNBShin


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