[Project|Poll] Jungshin and “Friends” – who’s your favorite?

Hey Boice!

We have a little activity for Jungshin’s birthday again! Last year we asked you to vote for your favorite hairstyle on Jungshin. We were always fascinated whenever he goes for a style change because it is never subtle and everyone notices.

During a random conversation among the admins, we noticed another thing most people would probably overlook – how JungShin acts around some “friends”.

Who are these “Friends” we’re talking about? Of course, first would be CNBLUE members, starting with Yonghwa…

Jungshin and Yonghwa are the known jokers in the group, but when these two are together Jungshin often goes along with Yonghwa’s lead…


Next is Jonghyun, the Tom to Jungshin the Jerry. These two are always bullying each other! Their dynamics has always been a funny topic to fans. It doesn’t matter that Jungshin is younger – he could start the bullying or retaliate whenever needed!

Jerry abuses Tom    jerry pushes tom in greeting recording

And the last CNBLUE member, Minhyuk. Being of the same age, Jungshin acts like a longtime friend to Minhyuk – someone who can laugh about the silliest things and be comfortable with the shared silence.

js nomnom w mh    tumblrlf0g931dnp1qeur4t

It doesn’t stop with the CNBLUE boys though! Ever noticed how cute Jungshin is when he got a stuffed toy in his hands? The big man just doesn’t know what to do with it! Poor stuffed animals get the awkward treatment from Jungshin..

Another cute thing Jungshin doesn’t know how to deal with – animals!

And lastly, ever noticed how Jungshin sometimes acts shy and smiles sheepishly at fans? The fanlove could really get overwhelming at times!

Everything Jungshin does is adorable! But just for fun – which of these “Pairings” did you find the most interesting? Let us know through the poll below!

The results of the poll will be revealed on JungShin’s birthday! Poll closes Sunday, 1st September!

We need your support! 

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A month till JungShin’s birthday – the countdown starts! 🙂

Thanks in advance for all the support,


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