[Project|Donor] Blade & Petal drama support goodies + intl ‘fan’ project

This is a Part 2 of the drama support project – read the post on the drama meal support here.

Once again, we would like to thank all donors for their support. This project would not have been possible without you, regardless of the amount you contributed. THANK YOU!

As we tweeted earlier, our Blade and Petal goodies arrived from our Korean partner Happy JungShin!

blade&petal goodies


Each donor was entitled to order their very own copy of the photo book (with their message in it), and are given the complimentary plastic fan and sticker (which was on the cups of Patbingsoo).

blade&petal goodies (donors)

The set of goodies each donor receives ^^/ 


The Patbingsoo with the stickers! 

Donors we have sent out email on your good pack collection – please do reply us to lay your hands on your entitled drama support goodies! 🙂 

Received your goody pack? Here’s a project for us all to take part in! 

Happy JungShin + CNBShin: International ‘Fan’ Project!


How to participate?

  1. Ensure you have received your goody pack. Yet to receive? Check the email we sent and reply! 🙂
  2. Bring your fan out to an iconic place in your country/city (eg. Merlion in Singapore, Namsan Tower in Seoul etc)
  3. Take a picture of the fan and the icon (eg. Merlion / Namsan Tower). You can include yourself if you like!
  4. Send the picture to cnbshin[at]gmail.com. You may send more than 1 picture (max 3).

We will collect the pictures, which will be posted on Happy JungShin, where JungShin visits.
JungShin will then see our pictures, showcasing his fans and support from all over the world! 

You may post the picture directly onto the post if you are able to. Most foreign boice have problems posting so we will be taking care of that 🙂

Apologies that this project is only applicable to donors – as only they have the fan from the drama support project. 😦

Not a drama support project participant? Do join us for the birthday project! 

Once again, thank you all donors and participants for supporting JungShin in his second drama, Blade & Petal, together with us. 

Let us show him, through the pictures, our love from all over the world again.

Please continue to support us and JungShin in our birthday project.

Funds raised goes to CNBLUE School 2 and his birthday cake 🙂 

Let us make JungShin a very happy and proud boy on his birthday!



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