[Tutorial] Registering at official KBS website

Hello fellow BOICE & JungShin bias,

As an international fan base and site, we not only provide information, we also hear you. 🙂

Many foreign BOICE and JungShin bias have faced difficulty signing up for an account at KBS.co.kr.


ShiWoo: Hmmph…this is tough… 

What can you do at KBS site?

  • Watch Blade and Petal live every Wednesday & Thursday, 9pm KST
  • Comment on the posts in the Blade and Petal drama section
  • Leave messages for ShiWoo to support him


ShiWoo: I wonder how many messages will I get today…

Today, I managed to sign up successfully, and I am going to share my secrets how…

Here are some step-by-step tips and tricks to getting your own official KBS account:

  1. Have your passport number on hand.
  2. Have a scan of your ID/driver’s license/passport (in soft copy) on hand.
  3. Open your Internet Explorer (the application will not be successful if you use other browsers)
  4. Go to https://sso.kbs.co.kr/SSO/KBSWeb/foreign/OverseaPermission.aspx
  5. Follow the instructions to sign up
  6. When uploading the picture of your ID/driver’s license/passport, ensure that:
    • it is a png file (they said jpg is ok but my initial jpg one didnt work. so png might be best)
    • it is below 100kb. (they said below 400kb but my initial 140kb+ one didnt work. my second one did)
    • IMPT: The credentials on BOTH your submission and number KEYED in must tally. So use only ONE credential.
      Example: If you input your passport number, the scan should be of your passport too, containing the same ID/number.
  7. Continue to follow the instructions to complete registration

After completing registration…

  1. Wait for their confirmation email. They will tell you they have received your application and is reviewing. This could be as soon a few hours after submission.
  2. Wait for another email to notify you of your application’s status. This happened the next working day for me.


Meanwhile, do register away! 🙂

shiwoo cap 3

ShiWoo: What are you waiting for? Go! 

Questions? Please do leave a comment below and we’ll try to help! ^^

tutorial by: Gera@CNBShin
screen caps source: @paris0915


5 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Registering at official KBS website

  1. Hello I tried more than ten times already to register on kbs but every time the same message appears : ”You already registered”. The thing is I don’t have any memory of when I did register. I wrote a message to the webmaster of the site and he told me to try with explorer, that’s what I done but it’s always the same. Could you help me please??Thanks

    • I have had the same problem before, but was solved when I registered with internet explorer. Make sure you clear your browsing history and cookies before trying again. Hope that helps!

      • I had the same issue for months. You have to use IE 9 and below to be able to register. I figured it out after I downgraded my IE to use for other Korean websites.

  2. i been trying to sign up but i always get stuck at the terms of service, which is the first page. after i key in passport number and other details and want to proceed, there will always be a popup of some korean words (xxxxxxxxx exception). did i do something wrong??

  3. Hi I have a problem that whenever I try to register with my passport and click on enter during the terms of service, it says 이 미 가 입 하 셨 습 니 다 exception, how do I get rid of this?

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