[Project] “Jungshin and Friends” – 2013 birthday project


Hello Boice!

September is fast approaching and you know what that means – Lee Jung Shin’s birthday is coming! It’s CNBShin’s third year to celebrate and we’re here again to invite you to join us on this joyous celebration. We have been busy handling other projects this time (concert rice wreaths, drama support, fundraising) but all that is to show him our love; there’s no way we can skip his special day when we should shower him with more fan love!

What’s our theme this year?
This year we’re going with the theme “JUNGSHIN AND FRIENDS,” inspired by Happy Jungshin, our partners in Korea. We came up with this idea of how Jungshin acts as a friend – be it to CNBLUE members, or to their fans. Jungshin is a cool and kind guy, but he’s at his best with the people he loves and we’d like him to know that!

Self-written song & video – our signature gift
So first off, as we always do, we would be doing a song and video for him with the theme in mind. Our admins would be doing the lyrics and the singing so look forward to it!

Contributing to CNBLUE School 2
Next, as you may have heard from our previous projects, we would be sending our support to CNBLUE SCHOOL 2.  Instead of buying material gifts, we decided to reach out to the needy children in Africa, just like what FNC and CNBLUE did. They encouraged us before to support the school instead of buying rice wreaths for their concert… but who says we can’t do both? 😀


This year, it is our pleasure to be partnering CNBLUE USA for part of our birthday project plans. We will both be raising funds to contribute to the School. Please do give us lots of support! 🙂

Happy JungShin with a cake

And of course,birthdays are always made happier with a birthday cake! Like how the other boys got their cakes, we have to let JungShin know that even from miles away, international Boice are celebrating his birthday together with him too!

How do we participate & start?
So you must be thinking, where do you take part in this? We have a few projects to help raise funds for our cause and we ask for your help.

  1. We are selling fanmade merchandise in the Philippines
  2. An auction for the Jungshin banner we are setting up at Blue Moon Malaysia.
  3. Any amount of donation would certainly help and would be very much appreciated too. We are open for donations via
    • PayPal (international) [Please make payment to cnbshin@gmail.com]
    • Local bank deposits (if you are in the Philippines or Singapore)
    • 日本人が 、CNBShin経由の人は、@CNusagi までお願いします!
    • We are also partnering local fanbases to help collect contributions. Below are the current participating fanbases:

What are donors entitled to?
All donors, including the auction winner, are entitled to write a message to be included in our last gift, a photo bookThe message should tell when or how exactly you started to like Jungshin (e.g. when he blurted out funny lines on WGM, or when he rocked silently in the background during their debut stages). It would certainly make his day to find out the moment fans started to love him! Donors also have the option to email us their pictures with handwritten signs and we would try to fit it in the photo book 🙂

That was a long read but we really need your help to make this birthday project happen! You could support any fundraising option stated before or send in your donations. You will also be doing a lot for us if you help us spread the word by sharing links to this post. Just for even reading this, we appreciate it!

Thank you Boice and let’s show Jungshin the love he deserves! ;D

Any questions please feel free to leave a comment below, email us or tweet us 🙂

To read about our past birthday projects, it’s here: 2012 Happy Virus; 2011 Prince Jungshin.

Thanks in advance,



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