[Tweet|Photo|Trans] JungShin thanks fans for his drama food support

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This is JungShin~ Our fans came to the filming grounds of Blade and Petal yesterday with SamGyeTang (Ginseng Chicken Soup).. As the first SamGyeTang I ate this year was by fans, I ate (and choked with tears?) with what kind of feelings.. Thank you really really much. It was about 230 servings for all other actors and staff.. Everybody was so full and contented after eating so well ㅠㅠ After that they also prepared such pretty Patbingsoo as dessert (iced red bean dessert).. I really had a great meal, fans who always supported me like this! Our BOICE. I love all of you! Do be careful of the heat.


정신입니다~ 어제 우리팬분들이 칼과꽃촬영장에오셔서 삼계탕을 챙겨주셨습니다..올해들어 처음먹는 삼계탕을 팬분들이 챙겨주시니 어떤마음으론 찡하더랍니다..정말 정말감사합니다 다른배우분들,스탭분들 양까지 총230인분이었네요.. 모두 너무잘드셨다고하니 뿌듯ㅠㅠ게다가 이렇게 이쁜 팥빙수로 후식까지 다 준비해주시고..너무너무잘먹었습니다 항상 이렇게 응원해주시니 힘이안날래야안날수가없겠네요..ㅎ힘내서 제프투어와 칼과꽃촬영 멋지게하도록하겠습니다! 여러분!
팬여러분! 우리보이스. 모두사랑합니다! 더위조심하세요. http://twitpic.com/d3z3hyhttp://twitpic.com/d3z3j0\


SO HAPPY that JungShin enjoyed the food support as much as we enjoyed seeing him do 🙂 

Once again, a big thank you to all donors, participants and last but not least, hardworking staff of CNBShin and Happy JungShin! ^^ 

– gera



source:  CNBLUE_4@twitter

translated by: gera@CNBShin


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