[Project] BLUE MOON Malaysia – Bid JungShin’s 6-feet tall banner home

With Blue Moon in Malaysia coming around, we at CNBShin decided to put up a standee at the concert and show Jungshin our unwavering support! But the banner features a close-up photo of his handsome face – we know someone would like to keep it! Just like we did last time in Blue Moon in Seoul, we are putting the banner up for bidders!

The proceeds of this auction will go towards JungShin’s birthday project, which includes a donation to the CNBLUE School 2. So will you help us make the birthday project a success and help out the children in CNBLUE School 2 – with an added bonus of taking home this banner? 🙂

UPDATE: Thank you all for the participation – the auction has closed. Congrats to the lucky bidder! 🙂 

jsbanner2 bmph

The banner will be put up with the help of CNBLUEBEAT at Blue Moon concert in Malaysia. After the concert we will have the banner shipped to the winner (or passed to, if the bidder is attending Blue Moon Malaysia).

Mechanics of the auction

  1. Minimum starting bid is 30USD. Each increment bid is 5USD.
  2. If the bid is below 60USD, the winning bidder will have to pay for the shipping charges. We will ship from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The banner is rollable, but is still long (the rods) when packed and is not feather light.
  3. If the winning bid is higher than 60USD, we will shoulder the shipping fees.
  4. Payment should be made via PayPal or bank transfer if the winner is in Singapore or Philippines, within the stipulated time (to be advised to the winning bidder). Otherwise CNBShin reserves the right to offer the banner to the next highest bidder. 

Other terms and conditions:

  • In event that the banner gets stolen, damaged or is in a condition far from the original form to be sent to the highest bidder, the bidder will be offered a full refund. CNBShin will try its best to ensure the smooth progression of this project but accidents may happen.
  • This bid may be called off by CNBShin at anytime, with full refunds made to the bidder(s) if payment has been made.
  • The ultimate decision by CNBShin will be final.
  • Bid closes Sunday, 28th July 2013, at 2359 hours KST.
  • Winning bidder will be contacted after the auction ends.

Start your bid!


Any questions, please tweet to @CNBShin or email us at cnbshin@gmail.com for a faster and secure reply.

Happy bidding! 🙂




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