[Proj] Blade and Petal meal support a huge success

First of all, we would like to thank all donors (both to CNBShin and Happy JungShin) for their support. This project would not have been possible without you! Also to the hardworking staff at Happy JungShin who worked hard for months – 언니들 다 수고했어요! ^^

Due to JungShin’s busy schedule, it took ages for the date of the meal support to be finalised. It finally got held today, Sunday 21st July 2013. All staff and actors (220 people in total!) was served SamGyeTang (Ginseng Chicken Soup).



Even though he could have sat inside and enjoy his lunch, JungShin even helped serve actors and staff and only ate towards the end. Watermelon, the must-have during summer, was served after the ‘mains’.

Many staff and actors thanked JungShin after the meal, he insisted that it was his fans that they should thank. ^^


As the schedule for the day was worked around to match with the food support, filming resumed right after lunch and then break for tea at 3pm. Since JungShin wanted to eat Patbingsoo (iced red bean dessert) so much, Patbingsoo was served! (And then the staff thanked JungShin again for the delicious and heat-relieving Patbingsooㅋㅋ)




The banner which everybody was commenting on JungShin’s smile and good looks.

At the end of the day, CNBLUE members were also included for the meal, with 6-pax meal ordered for them. 100 paper fans were also given to the production team for use when filming in the sweltering summer.



The gift which was passed to JungShin – which included the message book and paper fans.
(All donors would be receiving the paper fan and message book (if they opted for it))

Below is the translation of the participation notice by our partner, Happy JungShin:

This is a notice to all Happy JungShin’s friends from all over the world who has always supported us warmly. 
This is with regards to the fund raising for Happy JungShin’s support which we announced previously.
Despite having and needed to do a rushed support, we had to have a notice before fund raising. 
Also, the fund raising is not for personal gains; we only collect donations via the stated Kookmin bank and our PayPal account.
(입금계좌:국민은행 9-19910915-62, Paypal : namistar@naver.com)
We hope that the above would not be misunderstood.
Our fund raising is assisted in Japan by the 2 acocunts below:
JSサポート告知用アカウント @HappyVirusPJ_jp
정신サポート専用アカ @HappyJS_Support
CNBShin @CNBShin and CNBHK @cnbhk also participated in the <Blade & Flower> press conference and meal support.
Happy JungShin strives to support Lee JungShin through the support projects with all international friends

— End of Happy JungShin’s notice —

On a similar note, please do not hesitate to verify payment methods with us. Contributions may be made directly to our admins in the respective countries to facilitate payments and avoid currencies exchange. Our official PayPal account is now cnbshin@gmail.com.

We are also happy to clarify any doubts you may have. Please drop us a note at cnbshin@gmail.com and we’ll get them sorted out 🙂

Many times through the manager, JungShin expressed his heartfelt thanks to his fans all over the world. 

CNBShin would like to take this opportunity to thank every BOICE and donor who made this project possible, also to every single one who contributed to this project in any way. 

Thank you for supporting JungShin for his second drama, Blade & Petal, together with us. Thank you for letting JungShin feel loved by his fans from all over the world, again.

Please continue to support us and JungShin in our upcoming project for his birthday ^^/


Source of pictures and excerpt: Happy JungShin
Translated, edited and posted by: gera@CNBShin


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