[Video|Trans] CNBLUE’s interview on China’s YinYueTai

original source from YinYueTai: http://t.co/mGr0DtSbQV 

Section Q: CNBLUE is not only outstanding in the music field, but also in looks. Not long ago, YongHwa tweeted “Sorry for being too good looking” with his picture, which part of him did he think was good looking? 

YH: I think the most handsome is myself hence I uploaded that. (caption: an unexpected gain from YH deciphering the question wrongly?)

Q: Who do you think is the most handsome in CNBLUE?

YH: It’s me. (caption: without hesitation)  That was a joke. Erm, JungShin.

Q: Why?

YH: A sympathetic vote? (laughs) JungShin is tall and has a long slender figure

Q: Does other member thinks which part of them is good looking?

JS: I think he would have such thoughts (points to JH)

JH: It’s so, so. (awkward) It’s not like this (caption: what situation is this?)

Q: What do you think then, JungShin?

JS: In my opinion, in terms of looks in CNBLUE, I am the last.

YH: What do you think you are first in then?

JS: Do you mean who is the first?

YH: No no, what you are best in?

JS: I think I’m the last in everything. I have a lot of shortcomings.

JH: You’re tall

JS: Yes, only that I am first. (caption: super focused team. pointing to JH and MH). I think YH hyung is the most handsome.

Q: What about MinHyuk?

MH: About myself? I didn’t think that I am good looking. I think JungShin is charming and handsome. He is also manly. I am envious of him. Lately he’s hot.

YH: To the extent that you cant get close to him.

Q: JongHyun gives a quiet and gentle impression. Great figure and good skin that even girls are envious of. How is Lee JongHyun usually? 

(questioning in progress)

JH: Me? (caption: flustered) I like to exercise..yeah. (MH: onlooking, curious)

(don’t dream of getting away with this!)

(YongHwa steps in)

YH: Many famous quotes are born when JongHyun participates in interviews.

(JS: Too happy)

YH: For example, he could have said that he thinks all our songs are pretty good, but he just had to put it “it is as difficult as choosing our own parents”.

(it simply means that their songs are good till all the elements cannot be changed)

YH: But when we are talking about body, MinHyuk has the best body.

(MH: Oh gosh)

YH: He exercises everyday. How do you maintain it?

MH: I exercise daily (coach MinHyuk). Instead of saying how to maintain it, simply exercise no matter how tired you are. I guess that’s my secret of maintaining it.

MH: To be honest, everybody would have guessed that I am the slimmest given how my face looked, it is neither that nor that I have huge muscles..

YH: Inverted pyramid

JH: MinHyuk’s really born with good figure, like an inverted pyramid. Just like a bronze statue. It’s amazing.

Q: As a band, CNBLUE usually performs with instruments. However lately YongHwa proclaimed self as the Dancing King. Would there be plans to include dance as part of your performances? 

YH: We don’t have plans to include dance in our performance. But about me as the dancing king, I think that is right. Resident dance (?). Moving to the rhythm.

Q: Do you think you’re the best dancer amongst the members?

YH: Me? That’s for sure. Everybody would know after watching JungShin dance. (JS: Why drag me in)

JH: We can’t dance well

MH: Everyone would agree with what YongHwa hyung said

(if only we could get them to show us now, but it seems like…)

YH: It would be hilarious if we were to dance now. If you were to come to our concert, it will be better than you think. Would be great if you could be there to see it.

(continue witnessing the miracle at ShangHai and GuangZhou!)

Q: Please say something to the BOICE at YinYueTai

JS: YinYueTai~

YH: The viewers of YinYueTai, please do give CNBLUE lots of love – we will also greet everyone with great performances in the future. Thank you, it has been CNBLUE. Thank you!

(this interview full of bugs, I know you yet to have enough of it. Be contented with seeing the people, don’t sweat the details)

— end of translation —

Gosh they are totally kids when playing with the toys! ㅋㅋㅋ

video YT source: kacchanvoice1
translated by: gera@CNBShin


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