[Video|Trans] JungShin’s interview at Blade & Petal press conference

Firstly, I feel so honored. After I finished ‘My daughter Seoyoung’ in March, I wanted to challenge acting again soon. But I didn’t expect that I could participate in a drama again this quickly.

I’m so happy that I met good senior actors, good director and good people. Actually I think it’ll be alright if I (did my part and) act well. I also thought the same when I was filming ‘Seoyoung’. This drama too, if I act well, will go well. I’m filmed thinking I’m learning acting. From now on, I also want to learn a lot about acting from the seniors.

Q: Lee Bo Young of ‘My daughter Seoyoung’ became your competitor?
I’m contacting her from time to time. I’ve once met her on the way, she said she is working hard at filming. So I told her that mine starts on July 3rd and asked her to go easy.

2:02 onwards

Rating expectations
Jungshin: I hope it reaches 30%.
MC: What will you do if it reaches 30%?
Jungshin: I’ve never thought of it.
MC: Throw an idea out
Um Taewoong: I want Jungshin to shave his head.
MC: How is it? Will you accept it?
Jungshin: Shaving is too… I don’t know. If the ratings approaches 30%, I will pledge a strong one later.

video sources: 1004KBS & 로하 아 
translated by: @saturnkr
edited by: gera@cnbshin


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