[Tweet|Photo|Trans] JungShin gives a cute ‘thank you’ for love and support


It’s JungShin~ Today the press conference for Blade and Petal has ended~ It will be broadcasted from 3rd July, the day after tomorrow~ ㅎSo nervous.. Also, today being the press conference,  many fans sent flower wreaths, and even prepared rice cakes and paper fans for the reporters and staff… It was very delicious..ㅜㅜ As much as love and support was given to me!, I will work extra extra extra hard for the tour, and the filming for Blade and Petal. I love you~ng~*

정신입니다~ 오늘 칼과꽃 제작발표회가 끝났습니다~내일 모레 7월3일부터 방송이에요~ㅎ 떨리네요.. 그리고 오늘 제작발표회라고 많은팬분들이 화환도 보내주시고 기자님들,스탭분들 떡이랑 부채까지 준비해주셨어요…너무맛있음..ㅜㅜ
많이 사랑해주시는만큼! 투어도! 칼과꽃 촬영도 더더더 열심히할게요^^ 사랑합니다잉

Translator’s note: *JungShin ended off the tweet with a cute accent, suggesting aegyo! ㅋㅋ
CNBShin’s note: A big thank you to the donors who have helped made the support for the press conference a success!

As you can see from JungShin’s tweet, he really felt the love and support from all his fans, including yours through CNBShin.

If you have yet to join us in supporting JungShin for his drama through the support project – please do join us – we still have activities to support him in filming for the drama, in partnership with Happy Home (aka leejungshin.com) 🙂


source: CNBLUE_4@twitter

trans by: chiffonlau@CNBShin


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