[Proj|Info] An update on Blade & Petal drama support project

And so the day we have been waiting for has arrived – and ended. The press conference for Blade & Petal was held in the morning of 1st July, 2 days before the first broadcast of the period drama.

CNBShin sent in a rice wreath, representing the international BOICE and JungShin bias community, wishing JungShin and the drama team all the best for the drama.

cnbshin rice wreath

Our message reads:

(from) CNBShin and Lee JungShin’s international friends
Long time no see, Lee JungShin’s long hair~ Fighting! 

(this was meant to be a light-hearted message to cheer JungShin up at the nervous press conference ^^)

rice wreaths listing

The listing of the rice wreaths sent was featured on a video. Many thanks to yongsarang who caught it!

Rice wreaths aside, our partner, Happy JungShin did a fantastic job with the paper fans and rice cakes for the reporters and staff.  Read more about Happy JungShin’s support HERE.

You would have read it in JungShin’s cute thank you tweet about those.

Here’s a picture of the paper fan tweeted by GeniusPublicist earlier at the venue:


This is not the end – but only the start of the drama support project.

We are still open for contributions to the project, as we are planning for a meal for JungShin and the filming crew and staff. Being a period drama, the scale of the operations is HUGE ㅠㅠ hence a larger requirement for the staff meal.

No contribution is too small, and we value every amount down to the very cent. Please read on how you can contribute to the support meal which we are sure JungShin and the staff would enjoy very much!

We look forward to everybody’s support in supporting JungShin in his new drama, together!

Questions, please email us at cnbshin@gmail.com 🙂

PS: We are also raising funds by selling our own merchandises in the Phillipines – do check them out.









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