[Scan/Photo/Trans] The FNC vol.2 : CN Music – Lee JungShin (Intuition)

“How does one expresses intuition? Who is better at expressing such emotion?” It’s Jungshin without much hesitation. From Black Premium photo shoot from the last THE FNC to being Kang Sungjae of KBS drama “My Daughter Seo Young”.  Whenever the shooting ends, I  would be happily screaming. Indeed he’s the “God of Emotion” (Shin – god) “I have the intuition that you’re leaving me…” You can feel the separation but you also know that you cannot rewind it. One could only hide that sadness and act like nothing is happening, quietly waiting for the separation.

RECENTLY –I feel lonely. I was really busy filming for “My Daughter Seo Young” and promoting for album. But after these two ended, I felt really empty. I don’t mean that I am not busy now. Nowadays I am also preparing for concert…

ONE DAY SUDDENLY –A day with good weather like this (laughs). Recently I feel really lonely. But it’s not like I feel empty because I don’t have a girlfriend. I think I would feel irritated if I were to have a girlfriend now.  (laughs)

INTEREST – I like photography before debut. There isn’t something called interest ever since I debut but I have been trying composing recently.

I have been really interested in composing, so bought some equipment and started composing. As there isn’t something I could call as interest, so I am finding something that could be my interest.

DESTINY – I am the kind that would fall in love at first sight. I believe in destiny.  I’d also look at overall feel and the way she talks. That way, I can see what her personality is like. On the other hands, if she only likes my appearance, then I won’t like her.

PHONE NUMBER – If there is someone I like in front of me, I could really go up and ask for her number and I could even gone to talk to her. If I realise she is attached, I would just say “I’m sorry” and leave. (laughs)

FIRST DATE – Still remember it.  I was really nervous. But all I can remember is that it really something that happened long long ago.

SLIGHTLY LATE – I would wait for an hour, if she is still not there, I would throw a fake tantrum and act angry (laughs)

NICE GUY – I am totally a nice guy. (laughs) But still depend who the other person is. It’s relative. If the girl treats me well, I would do that too. If not it would change as it is.

I WISH – If she wants, I would do anything for her, liking someone would also mean doing everything for her. No matter what! Ah but it would be better if her clothes style are like me, I don’t like people that wear a style that I don’t like. Just this kind of chemistry will do. (laughs)

I want to hold her hand and walk around when the weather is good, holding coffee on the other hand, walking and eating good food. If I got car, I would drive her around for some sightseeing.

RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE –I won’t separate them to think, as when in love, I am really serious about it, like someone polite, have similar interest and thinking as me, in another word, I like a girl with really good character.

INTUITION –My intuition is really accurate and also very observant, a lot of times, things happen based on how I am thinking. Almost all the things I could see and guess from their eyes and words.

LEE JONGHYUN –..is totally not observant/has no sense. (laughs) It’s like everyone would be talking and Jonghyun Hyung would suddenly talk something random, like something really funny but actually it is not funny at all. Whenever this happens, we replied him by just keeping quiet. (laughs).

RECONCILATION – I will show her different (unusual) expressions (laughs) Maybe some aegyo too.

ABOUT TO BREAK UP -If I could sense it, I won’t act like I don’t know, but will think of ways to solve, like really initiate to talk more.

SLIGHTLY UPSET –Members didn’t really watch “My Daughter Seo Young”(laughs), but I actually didn’t really watch “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and “My Husband Got A Family”, only watched members specific parts. About the fact that they didn’t really watch “My Daughter Seo Young”, I felt slightly upset but it is okay.



scan from : Parishin

translated by : huangyu@cnbluestorm

edited by : fizzy@cnbluestorm

posted by: celinedrops@CNBShin



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