[News] Top 7 successful idol-turned-actors – #2 Lee Jung Shin

There was a time when critics were not so generous in apprasing idol stars who took to acting on the big or small screen. While that prejudice is still alive, many of them have successfully overcome criticism to grow into full-fledged actors.



2. Lee Jung Shin

It was evident at the beginning of “My Daughter Seo Young” that Lee Jung-shin was starting from scratch. Beginning from zero, he had nothing to lose, and he had veteran actors such as Chun Ho Jin and Kim Hye Ok as mentors. Leaving all the awkward reactions and facial expressions in the earlier part of the story, his acting skills remarkably improved through the 50-part series. Competition between the CNBLUE members could have been the strongest motivation for the bassist. All four band mates have experience in acting including leader Jung Yong Hwa, who played in “You’re Beautiful” and “Heartstrings.” With “My Daughter Seo Young,” the musician gained wider recognition as an actor as well.

source: The Korea Herald

posted by: celinedrops@CNBShin


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