[Trans] The FNC vol. 2 – Jungshin

Coffee and talks


Jungshin: I like coffee too. To take the photo, I drank cafe latte. But actually I like ice Americano too. Before, it wasn’t that I didn’t like coffee, but I had no chance to drink it. These days, we take-out and drink. When I was a trainee, coffee price was too expensive for me, I couldn’t even imagine buying it. But now we all enjoy coffee and drink often, it means we have changed a lot.(laugh) Now we drink at least a cup, especially Yonghwa hyung drinks five cups. All CNBLUE members like coffee.


Jungshin: We are likely to gather and chat often. These days, we watch other singers’ music videos and talk about it. We talk about things we’re interested in currently, such as tea or watches. Yonghwa hyung and I are interested in clothes a lot, so we talk about clothes often. Usually I am lying down and Yonghwa hyung is lying down… Uh? We all are lying down (laugh). We four lie down and talk for 3~4 hours. We’ve ever talked from we woke up till we sleep. We talk about members, then about someone’s habit, suddenly about hats, then about drinking coffee. It jumps here and there. We don’t discuss about one thing only. Then suddenly Jonghyun starts ‘ah~’ story which is funny only for himself. (laugh) We are in the age of going to college. We talk about things of our age, such as style of girls we like… (laugh) We talk about really tiny things, talk about bands too.


Jungshin: I won’t do anything by myself. If we four work together, I agree that I can’t be the president.(laugh) Chief manager would suit for me. All the practical business is done by chief manager. As you know, from elementary school days, my future dream was CEO, but everyone says that I am not.(laugh) So, when everyone says ‘Yes’, who can say ‘No’ is the chief manager, that’s my future figure.


Jungshin: I want to be a father who is like a friend. That’s how I am with my dad too. I want my child to look up to me, and it would be nice if they still think that I’m a great father even until they are big. And my parents raised me with a lot of freedom. My parents let me do what I want. They did not pressure me in studies and they even helped me to find what my path in life would be. They always strongly support me in whatever I do.



Jungshin: Photo taking is always fun. It has story of ourselves, it’s our book. We participate in making it and our fans like it a lot.
Seeing and participating the process of making it means a lot. When we collected photos, I felt good because I felt like I was the editor.

Getting similar

Jungshin: There were Minhyuk, Yonghwa hyung and I. While we talked about something I said, “Let it go as it goes~”, Minhyuk started singing “I am G A E K O~” Gaeko’s song “Let it go as it goes”. Yonghwa hyung and I shouted simultaneously “Uh~ I was about to sing it too”, then laughed. I said, “We’ve lived together too long~”.
We meet many things in common, think about same songs. Whenever something happen, our reaction is not different. We don’t go out from our big frame. Before, we were all separate. One goes left, I will go up, I will go down, all four were different. Now we’ve lived together for long time, we all are similar, our thoughts are too. We’ve been living together for 5 years, I’ve never thought that I want to live separately. Yonghwa hyung too. And I think I should not do that. (laugh)

This is just different

Jungshin: I can’t resemble Kang Minhyuk’s eyes, Lee Jonghyun’s fair skin, Jung Yonghwa’s neck circumference and butt circumference(laugh).

trans by: saturnkr@twitter

posted by: celinedrops@CNBShin


2 thoughts on “[Trans] The FNC vol. 2 – Jungshin

  1. Makes me love him more. What a cute young man. I am sure his parents are really proud. He answered questions well…..except YH Hyung might not like the comment about butt circumference. But like he said they do know each other too well. LOL thanks for the translation.

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