[Tweet/Photo/Trans] Official English title of Jungshin’s new drama is “Blade and Petal”

blade and petal

이번엔 무술도 잘하고 마술도 잘하고 예술적 심미안이 뛰어난 매력적인 청년 검객! 캐릭터가 정말 매력적에요~

The official title in English is ‘Blade and Petal’. 
Shiwoo is good at martial arts and magic, has an outstanding aesthetic sense. He is an attractive young swordsman! His role is really attractive~

blade and petal 2

‘칼과꽃’ 여자주인공 무영 역. 옥빈 공주. 실물이 정말 인형처럼 예쁘더군요. 이정신군이 이 여인을 짝사랑 한다죠? ㅎㅎ 7월3일 첫방송!

Leading role Mooyoung of ‘Blade and Petal’, princess Okbin. She is pretty like a doll. Lee Jungshin’s one sided love.
1st ep to be aired on July 3rd!

source: GeniusPublicist@twitter

trans by: saturnkr@twitter

posted by: celinedrops@CNBShin


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