[Project] CNBShin Reached 10000 Followers Giveaway Winners! Announced!


Hooray! CNBShin reached 10,000 Twitter followers on May 31, 2013! We really appreciate your continuous support – for us and for CNBLUE, especially Lee Jung Shin. As a way of showing our gratitude and to celebrate our anniversary, we did a little contest, and now we’re announcing the 3 winners!!

Nikka Mae, your profile says “Jung Yong Hwa lover”, but we’re happy to know you like Jung Shin as well! We’ll try harder to give more updates about Jung Shin!
Rianty, thank you for wishing our team good health! We appreciate your support and we will try our best to make our upcoming projects a success!
AralePooh, we all love him! And coming all the way from Canada, thank you for your support! 

We will contact the winners soon to get your mailing details.

And to all our followers, we are really proud and grateful to reach the 10,000 mark, mainly because it shows your love for Jung Shin and secondly because it shows your support for us. So again, thank you for following our updates and our projects!  Please continue to look out for CNBLUE’s maknae and shower him with love!  We will try our best to be a responsible team behind this fanbase!

Love, CNBShin team.


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