[Proj|Drama] Support JungShin as swordsman ShiWoo in upcoming drama “Blade & Petal”


As a talented, thriving and budding young actor, it is of no wonder that JungShin got casted for this upcoming period drama, Blade & Petal. Taking place in the old Koryo days, JungShin plays a swordsman named ShiWoo who is on a revenge game.

It is our pleasure and honour to be joining forces with leejungshin.com to support our beloved JungShin.

With the filming starting very shortly (broadcast is slated to start on 3rd July), we are already starting to plan for the series of projects, including rice wreaths for the press conference, meal(s) for the production/filming staff etc.

Let us throw our love and support together in support of JungShin and his second drama, Sword and Flower!

CNBShin will be gathering contributions via the following channels:

  • PayPal (international)
  • GCash and BDO/BPI bank deposit (Philippines)
  • iBanking/ATM transfer/cash deposits (Singapore)
  • Japanese contributors please get in touch with @CNUsagi
    日本人が PJaccountに 直接 supportの参加を言ってきたら、CNBShin経由の人は、@CNusagiまでお願いします!

Note: We do not encourage international bank transfers as the charges involved could be quite hefty. PayPal’s charges are only about 4% of the amount of money to be transferred. 

ANY amount of contribution is very much appreciated – every cent and thought counts! A little you give goes a long way :)

To start or for more details, simply email us at cnbshin@gmail.com or leave a comment below so that we can drop you an email! The contribution details will follow in our email conversations. You may also tweet us @CNBShin so that we can DM you our PayPal/bank details 🙂

What are donors entitled to?

  • A message (not exceeding 140 characters, as per Twitter’s ‘rule’) to JungShin, which would be included in a message book produced for this project.
  • A complimentary project goodie

Donors will be asked to leave their messages (through a form) via email after their contribution has been confirmed received.

What is CNBShin (and Happy JungShin) doing next?

We have sent rice wreaths to the press conference to show our support for JungShin, and are preparing for the staff meal next! We need support from you as well!

For PayPal donations please tweet @chiffonlau, or for enquiries please email us at cnbshin@gmail.com.

Read the project in Korean here.




4 thoughts on “[Proj|Drama] Support JungShin as swordsman ShiWoo in upcoming drama “Blade & Petal”

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