[Giveaway|Proj] Belated CNBShin’s 2nd anniversary celebration + 10K followers


Almost halfway through 2013 and we are swamped with BLUE MOON world tour and have held several projects. There are several on-going projects at the moment so be sure to read them all to not miss out 🙂

We were so busy till we missed our own anniversary! CNBShin turned TWO on 20th March earlier this year! And if you have noticed, we are already past the 9,000 followers mark in Twitter, advancing towards 10,000!

As a belated and advanced celebration of our birthday and 10K followers, we are having a giveaway!

What can I get?

We have an assortment in our inventory,  including:

  • RE:BLUE poster
  • EAR FUN poster

How to participate?

  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Take a screen shot when CNBShin gained its 10,000th follower
  3. Tweet us with the screen shot + a congratulatory message 

We will be picking a few, probably the most creative/touching messages as winners for this giveaway.

What do I have to take note of?

  • The screen shot has to reflect 10K followers, not 1 more or 1 less 😀
  • You have to be following us on Twitter
  • Tweet message has to be in English
  • You may utilise Twitlonger or any other tweet-extension service, but please do not write an essay 😛
  • This activity/giveaway would end when we have picked the winners, after crossing the 10,000th mark. Winners will be announced through our various channels.
  • CNBShin reserves the right to alter the criteria or call off the activity/giveaway if there are no eligible winners, at our own discretion.
  • CNBShin’s decision (of winners or outcome of activity) would be final.

It’s less than 1,000 till we hit the 10K mark – we look forward to everybody’s participation! 🙂

Any questions, please leave a comment below or tweet us @CNBShin.

Thank you everybody for your continued support and love, for us and for JungShin!

Tip: We gain an average of 100 followers daily. 



One thought on “[Giveaway|Proj] Belated CNBShin’s 2nd anniversary celebration + 10K followers

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