[Project] BLUE MOON in Singapore support project a huge success

CNBLUE concluded their second stop of the BLUE MOON World Tour in Singapore last weekend, rocking the Singapore Indoor Stadium with 8,000 fans. The boys are taking a tiny break from the world tour, probably to have the focus on their upcoming Japanese single, “Blind Love”.

With the co-founder based in Singapore, CNBShin did not let this chance slip us by, and prepared projects to show our support for this leg of the tour.

Together with the local fan club CNBLUE Singapore FanClub (CNBLUESGFC), we designed and made pull-up banners to be placed outside the venue. We also had the support of fellow fanbase CNBLUE4INA.

The 4 individual banners were 2 metre tall each, literally life-sized CNBLUE members before your eyes! The banners caught BOICEs’ attention already when we were setting them up, and even resulted in a queue to take pictures with it! Some even thought they were official banners… :p

bannersphoto (1)

Sadly the words at the bottom with our logos went unnoticed by most boices 😦 ㅋㅋㅋ

banners queue

Look at the crowd and queue – people who are waiting to take pics with our banners! ^^/

Apart from the eye-feasting banners, we also sent a congratulatory flower stand, which was brought into the boys’ room at the venue. So the boys all felt our love and support! 🙂 Below is a picture of a almost-completed stand, rounded and in blue tones, symbolising BLUE MOON! ㅋㅋㅋ


It may be simple projects we did, but we hope that attending BOICEs had much fun with the banners as much as we (designed, produce and painstakingly put it up) did. The boys would also have felt our love and support from the flowers we sent.

What is our next project you ask? BLUE MOON in Seoul of course! Watch this space 🙂

on behalf of fellow admins at CNBShin

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