[Tweet|Trans|Photo] JungShin reveals part of his room and his ‘sundry goods’


Everyone, it’s JungShin~ The weather’s really good.. Though it’s a day to feel like going out to play.. ke I was practising for our Japanese track recording when I suddenly remembered YongHwa hyung uploading the picture of his workstation, and took this photo.. well, yeah, that’s right! I simply lived mindlessly like this.. I should clean up a little but where should I start.. ke Anyway, a portion of my room has been revealed for the first time! YongHwa hyung revealed his workstation, I.. revealed my sundry (groceries) goods..! Have a good day~

여러분 정신입니다~ 날씨가 너무 좋네요..놀러가고 싶은날이지만..ㅋ 일본곡 녹음할게 있어서 연습하던중에 갑자기 용화형이 작업실사진 올린게생각나서 찍었는데..뭐..그래요 맞아요! 그냥 제가 이렇게 정신없이 산다구요.. 정리좀 해야되는데 뭐부터 정리해야 될지..ㅋ 어쨌든 제 방의 일부분 첫 공개! 용화형은 작업실공개 저는..그냥 잡화공개..! 좋은하루 되세요~http://twitpic.com/c9k8ap

source: CNBLUE_4@twitter

trans by: chiffonlau@CNBShin


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