[Twitter|Trans|Photo] MDSY’s cast have a meal on the last day of broadcast

It’s JungShin~ It’s MDSY’s last broadcast today~! ㅠ Many thanks for your support and lots of love~  Today BoYoung noona treated everyone to a meal at a cool place, we all ate well and had a short but good time! A pity that HaeJin hyung and YoonYoung noona had other schedules and are unable to join us, so we gathered like this.. ㅋㅋEveryone please stay tuned to the last broadcast! MDSY director, writer, acting teacher, seniors and all staff, thank you everybody – may happiness be with you~!^^

정신입니다~오늘 내 딸 서영이 마지막 방송날입니다~!ㅠ 많이 응원해주시고 사랑해주셔서 감사드리구요~ 오늘 보영누나께서 멋진 곳에서 식사도 한 턱 내주셔서 모두 맛있게 먹으면서 짧지만 좋은 시간 보냈습니다! 아쉽게도 해진이형, 윤영누나는 다른 스케줄이 있으셔서 함께 못해서 이렇게나마 같이합니다..ㅋㅋ 마지막방송 모두 본방 사수해주시구요! 내 딸 서영이 감독님, 작가님, 배우 선생님, 선배님 모든 스탭 여러분 모두 감사드리구요 행쇼~!^^ http://twitpic.com/c8b02k
Note: 행쇼 (haeng-syo) is a shortened form of 행복해세요 (or similar),  which SungJae mentioned in the drama. 


source: CNBLUE_4@twitter

trans by: chiffonlau@CNBShin


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