CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin, Recognized by Veteran Actress

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin, JYJ Yoochun, Seo In Guk, K-Pop Acting Idols Recognized by Veteran Actresses!


Senior actors did not hold back their praise for idol-turned-actors.

Senior actress Kim Hae Wok stated, “Honestly, there are misunderstandings and prejudice towards idol actors. We tend to think, ‘how good could they be’, but man was I surprised. They are so good.”

Kim Hae Wok was talking about CNBLUE member Lee Jung Shin.

The two are currently working together for the KBS drama, “My Daughter Seoyoung.” The two are playing the role of mother and son.

During a recent interview, Kim Hae Wok commented, “There is a reason for idol actors to be so popular. When I look at Jung Shin, I can see his sense and emotion in his acting.”

For Lee Jung Shin, this is his first time acting with “My Daughter Seoyoung” being his debut.

His debut role happened to be the leading role and his position was a hard one even for senior actors.

For most idol actors, they receive much criticism for their acting, however, Lee Jung Shin was able to surpass that and receive much praise from senior actors.

Kim Hae Wok continued, “Even if I want to say something negative to him, there is none. He is so talented in both acting and singing. After filming, he sets off to go practice with his band. Seeing him so passionate in both fields is amazing.”

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Source: KpopStarz

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