[Twitter|Photo|Trans] MinHyuk writes a poem envying JungShin’s height



Note: Please read the explanations below the translation to have a better grasp of MinHyuk’s pun-ny tweet ^^

[Trans] @CNBLUE_4:
Lee JungShin… with really long legs, the longest shin/body*. Thus, Lee long-shin/body.
He acts well, hence the nickname of emotional/feeling-shin^.
Reading the script on handphone, the latest style.
Envious of (JungShin’s) tall frame, MinHyuk’s tweet is in such a style…

@CNBLUE_4: 이정신…다리 길이 엄청나네 최장신. 그래서 이장신.
연기 잘해서 별명 감정신.
대본을 핸드폰으로 보는 최신식.
큰 키가 부러운 민혁의 트위터는 이런식… pic.twitter.com/JnyLlyps

Did you realise MinHyuk wrote the tweet in a “poem” format? The first two sentence ended with the same word, “Shin”, and the last two with “Shik”.

And wow, he sure did play with tons of puns in this tweet!  Below are the explanations of the puns: 

*Here, MinHyuk is punning with the word “Shin” – though part of JungShin’s name, it also means “body”. 

^감정신 can be read as kam-jeong-shin, which means emotional-shin, while you still see JungShin’s name in kam-jungshin. Kam also means feeling (remember JiKam-i-wa? [Intuition])


Our MinHyuk-ie is soooooo poetic ^^/



translated by: chiffonlau@CNBShin


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